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                                 " THE BLACK AMERICAN PANTHER"

Following, is the first installment of a serialized explanation, promotion and investment campaign. The end goal is to make an independent, low-budget movie entitled, THE BLACK AMERICAN PANTHER.

                                             #1 Introduction
Okay, you have a bunch of Marvel BLACK PANTHER comic books at a Hollywood consignment facility. You own this treasure-trove of Black Panther comics not because you collected them as a longtime fan, follower, and collector. You have them because once upon a time you were engaged with the head of Columbia Studios to fashion a script featuring The Black Panther.

So ramping up, you went nuts learning all you could about comic book heroes and, specifically, the cool, bad-ass Black Panther. You researched, purchased and read everything you could get your hands on.

Along the way, you have the honor and pleasure of being joined in accomplishing the vision with a best friend who happens to be one of the world’s most genius and celebrated writers of the day. A writer who, coincidentally, possesses an encyclopedic knowledge about every damn comic book Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and a ton of other folks were involved in. This is his world from childhood. Well, one of them.

So you and one of today's most acclaimed writers meet with the A-list-hot BLADE star, Wesley Snipes, at Snipes' cool Pacific ocean-facing crib to discuss writing a script that would capture and present to the world all the wonder and magnificence of The Black Panther, King of Wakanda.

Now, add speaking with Stan Lee, legendary creator of The Black Panther, about his thoughts and suggestions toward bringing his character to life on the screen... Boom! A "no-brainer" movie for the ages, right? What more could you ask for? No way was this not going to be the project of a lifetime, right?

This movie will be shot in Oakland,
California. Hopefully, before the
"Oakland" Raiders leave town...
"Truth, Justice, and The American D ream..."
"...it's business, baby, our Ancestors did

the hard part..."